Karabakh History

What is Karabakh?

Karabakh means Kara – Black, Bakh – Garden, literally means “Black Garden” in old Turkish and Azerbaijani language. Karabakh is an internationally recognized Region of Azerbaijan. The ancient Karabakh is the heart of Azerbaijan, the land that gave the country a great number of talents – poets, writers, musicians, sportsmens. Karabakh is the cradle of the Azerbaijani music.

Why FC Karabakh Vienna?

The name was taken from 2 different Cities, which are great cultural cities. Each city has unique history and role for its region’s culture and Art. We tried to bring these big names into Sport. FC Karabakh Vienna has potential to play key role and as a bridge not only between Azerbaijan and Austria’s football life, but also Europa’s and Asia’s.

Who are we?

A Champion, whose name you will hear frequent in Future Football History. We are people from mixture of different cultures, cities, nationalities, which have met together randomly. We believe that best team could be created from different personalities, as we are. You can call us Karabakh family, as we call ourselves.

What is our Aim or Target?

Championship, Success, Fair Play, ‘Say No to Racism’.

How we are going to implement these?

With our hard work, Discipline, Respect, Tolerance, and Belief! We have deep inside a Dream, a Desire and a Vision. That’s why we will keep playing until we get it right!